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Zhou, Jinhua (Lucy) was born in 1985 Huaibei, Anhui province, China. Lucy is a Buddhist, a Buddha Dharma teacher and Buddhist Diet teacher.Lucy was very interested in Buddha Dharma since childhood. She started to learn from the Buddha at 18 years old. She digs deep into Buddhist scriptures, visits great masters, travels to and studies in sacred places. Lucy self-practices and realizes the Buddha Dharma in person.

Since Sep. 2011, Lucy has taken the pilgrimage trips to the Eight Holy Places in India seven times. She also went to the Four Buddhist Holy Places in China, wandering and contemplating. She has been to 87 countries so far.

Lucy has been learning, researching and propagating Buddha Dharma and Buddhist Diet for many years. She instructed many people to walk onto the road of learning from the Buddha.

Lucy widely participated activities related to Buddha Dharma and Buddhist Diet propagation. She takes propagation of Buddha Dharma as her mission, practicing the Bodhisattva Way and her Bodhi Vows.

Lucy has been writing continuously for years. She shared what she realized and her contemplation with co-practitioners, transmitting positive energy, light and love.

Lucy has published five books, Spiritual Light of the Wonderful Heart, the Wonderful Heart asking the Buddha, One Buddhist Cuisine a Week, Eat to be healthy, Eat to be compassionate.

《吃出慈悲》,Click to buy this book

《Eat to be Healthy》,Click to buy this book

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