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Great Compassion Mantra Verses

Great Compassion Mantra Verses

1.南无喝啰怛那哆啰夜耶   NA MWO HE LA DA NWO DWO LA YE YE
慈观悲观喜舍观   With a kind, compassionate regard, a regard full of joy and giving,
普度众生化大千   He rescues all beings, transforming great-thousand world systems.
有缘无缘同摄受   Gathering in those with and without prior affinities,
离苦得乐返本源   He helps the to end suffering, find joy, and return to the source. 

2. 南无阿唎耶   NA MO E LI YE
身口意轮大总持   Our body, mouth and mind form a wheel that is this mighty dharani.
万朵莲华正开时   As the many-petaled lotus blossom just begins to open,
白青红紫光遍照   White, green, red, and purple light shines on us all,
有缘佛子赴圣席   Disciples of the Buddha have affinities to join the sages’ celebrations.

3. 婆卢羯帝烁钵啰耶   PWO LU JYE DI SHAU BWO LA YE
持钵观音救世间   Holding a bowl, Contemplating Sounds saves us mortals.
应病与药润三千   Prescribing medicine to cure our ills, he nurtures the three thousand worlds.
拜礼虔诚护感召   Bowing in homage, we earnestly entreat him to answer our calls.
一切所求满心愿   In various ways he fulfills all our heart’s desires.

4. 菩提萨埵婆耶     PU TI SA TWO PE YE
觉诸有情种圣因   Enlightening sentient beings plants causes for sagehood.
道证无为契真心   When we reach the unconditioned Way, we tally with the true mind.
自他兼利功成就   As we benefit others and ourselves, our merit becomes perfected.
同入般若解脱门   Thus, together we enter the prajna doors to liberation.

5. 摩诃萨埵婆耶    MO HE SA TWO PE YE
绢索妙用不思议   The wonderful functions of the lariat reach beyond words and thought.
菩萨持此度群迷   Holding this, Bodhisattvas rescue those in confusion.
诵咒作观三摩地   Chanting this mantra while contemplating brings Samadhi.
即身成佛未足奇   To reach Buddhahood in this life is not impossible.

6. 摩诃迦卢尼迦耶   MWO HE JIA LU NI JIA YE
马鸣大士化娑婆   The Great Knight Horse Whinny transforms the Saha World.
拔苦与乐愈沈痾   Relieving suffering, bestowing bliss, he cures our illness.
起死回生施甘露   The dead come back to life when he gives them his sweet dew.
跋折罗手荡妖魔   The Vajra Hand is too hot for vampires and demons to handle.

7. 唵   NAN
无始无终无古今   Beginning less, endless, neither ancient nor modern.
虚空法界一口吞   Swallow the void and the Dharma Realm in a single gulp.
自性寂然非内外   Our own tranquil nature is not inside or outside.
如是如是如是因   So it is! So it is! The causes are just like this.

8. 萨皤啰罚曳     SA PAN LA FA YE
护世四王日夜忙   The Four Kings who protect our world patrol night and day.
赏善罚恶众魔降   Rewarding good and punishing evil, they tame all demons.
菩萨化现伏群怪   Bodhisattvas appear by transformation to quell hordes of monsters.
龙盘虎卧礼法皇   Dragons coil and tigers crouch before the Dharma Lord.

9. 数怛那怛写   SWO DAN NA DAN XIE
天兵天将猛无敌   The heavenly generals and troops exhibit matchless courage
天魔落胆不足奇   That regularly turns the celestial demons into trembling cowards.
改过迁善贫者富   By changing faults and becoming good, the poor can get rich.
得生极乐众苦离   Attaining rebirth in Ultimate Bliss, we separate from suffering.

10. 南无悉吉塛埵伊蒙阿唎耶    NA MWO SI JI LI TWO E MENG E LI YE
有威斯通难思议   Responses to requests are often amazing and hard to describe.
无求不应三昧力   Due to the strength of Samadhi, no prayer is left unanswered.
龙树尊者伏魔冤   The Venerable Dragon Tree calms the demons’ wrath.
行人莫患得菩提   Those who practice are free of disasters and attain Bodhi.

11. 婆卢吉帝室佛啰楞驮婆   PE LU JI DI SHIR FWO LA LENG TWO PE
圆满报身舍那佛   Nishyanda Buddha, the fine and perfect reward body,
护持行人自在多   Protects and supports those who practice with the greatest mastery and ease.
十方世界闻声度   Hearing their sounds, he saves beings of worlds in ten directions,
离垢出尘法摩诃   So they leave mundane defilements-such is the might of the Dharma!

12. 南无那啰谨墀   NA MWO NA LAI JING CHI
清净法身遮那佛   Clear, pure Dharma-body Vairochana Buddha
广度众生化娑婆   Rescues vast numbers of beings here in the Saha world.
成就金刚坚固体   Developing Vajra-like rock-solid tough physiques,
同登彼岸蜜波罗   We can climb up onto the other shore and reach paramita.

13. 酰唎摩诃皤哆沙咩   XI LI MWO HE PAN DWO SA MEI
慈能与乐悲拔苦   Kindness makes others happy, compassion alleviates suffering.
普化群生成佛祖   By teaching multitudes of beings, we can become Buddhas and Patriarchs.
羊头神王护行人   This sheep-headed spirit king protects those who practice,
虎狼恶兽皆无阻   Keeping at bay tigers, wolves, and other beasts.

14. 萨婆阿他豆输朋   SA PE HE TA DO SHU PENG
甘露灌顶获清凉   The sweet dew anointing our crowns makes us feel cool and refreshed.
普救群萌得安康   Saving countless beings who attain health and safety.
六道四生成利乐   Those born in four ways in the six paths attain benefits and bliss.
慈悲喜舍助法王   Kindness, compassion, joy, and giving aid the Dharma King.

15. 阿逝孕   E SHI YUN
夜叉天王披虎皮   This yaksha deva king is wrapped in a tiger hide.
赏善罚恶拯危急   In rewarding good and punishing evil, he is dangerous and swift.
巡行四方记功过   While patrolling in all four directions, he notes our merit and errors.
主持公道平等齐   Maintaining justice, he makes sure that we each get treated equally.

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Meditation is a very powerful natural prescription for people who suffer from anxiety and/or depression, and it is also taught to people who have difficulty controlling their anger. However, you do not need to have a serious psychological condition for meditation to be of benefit to you! Every-day people who meditate generally enjoy a lot more…


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