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Ten Initiatives of IBDSCL:

1、As a Buddhist, one should at least once visit the Eight Holy Places related to Shakyamuni Buddha in India.

2、As a Buddhist, one should repetitively read the Biography of Shakyamuni Buddha.

3、As a Buddhist, one must regard Shakyamuni Buddha as the teacher.

4、As a Buddhist, one must abide by the precepts laid down by Shakyamuni Buddha.

5、As a Buddhist, one must believe, hold and practice teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha.

6、If one wants to enshrine and worship Buddhas, then enshrine and worship Shakyamuni Buddha first.

7、Don’t blindly have faith in and worship the so-called Great Master or Venerable Monk, take what the Buddha said as the standards.

8、Dive deeply into Sutra Pitaka, and gain oceanic wisdom.

9、As of Dharma doors not spoken by the Buddha, one should stay far away from them.

10、Believe in Buddhas; believe in true Buddhas; stay away from deviant paths which attach themselves to the Buddhas.