Shurangama Mantra

Shurangama Mantra



Na mo Shurangama assembly of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas (Recite 3 times). 南無楞嚴會上佛菩薩(三稱) 

O deep and wondrous dharani unmoving Honored One. 妙湛總持不動尊 

Supreme Shurangama appears most rarely in the world. 首楞嚴王世稀有

Extinguishing deluded thoughts from countless kalpas past. 銷我億劫顛倒想 

I needn’t pass through aeons till the dharma body’s gained. 不曆僧祇獲法身 

I wish to now attain the way: and as the Dharma king. 願今得果成寶王 

I’ll then return to rescue beings more than Ganges’ sands. 還度如是恒沙眾 

This deep resolve I offer to the myriad Buddhas’ lands. 將此深心奉塵刹 

And thus endeavor to repay the Buddha’s boundless grace. 是則名為報佛恩 

I humbly ask the Bhagavan to certify my quest: 伏請世尊為證明 

To enter first the evil world—the five turbidities; 五濁惡世誓先入 

If yet a single being’s not accomplished Buddhahood . 如一眾生未成佛 

Accordingly I also must renounce nirvana’s bliss. 終不於此取泥洹 

O great in courage, great in power, great compassionate one! 大雄大力大慈悲 

I pray would now uncover and dispel my subt’lest doubts. 希更審除微細惑 

Thus cause me quickly to attain supreme enlightenment . 令我早登無上覺 

And sit within the bodhimandas of the tenfold realms . 於十方界坐道場 

And even could the nature of Shunyata melt away舜若多性可銷亡 

My vajra-like supreme resolve would still remain unmoved. 爍迦羅心無動轉 

Na mo eternally abiding Buddhas of the ten directions. 南無常住十方佛 

Na mo eternally abiding Dharma of the ten directions. 南無常住十方法 

Na mo eternally abiding Sangha of the ten directions. 南無常住十方僧 

Na mo Shakyamuni Buddha. 南無釋迦牟尼佛 

Na mo Supreme Shurangama of the Buddha’s summit. 南無觀世音菩薩 

Na mo Vajra Treasury Bodhisattva. 南無金剛藏菩薩 

At that time the World Honored One from the flesh mound at the crown of His head released a hundred-jewelled light and a thousand-petalled rare lotus arose from the midst of the light. 爾時世尊 從肉髻中 湧百寶光 光中湧出 千葉寶蓮 

Seated within the precious flower was a transformation body of the Thus Come One, whose crown in turn emitted ten rays of the hundred-jewelled effulgence. 有化如來 坐寶華中 頂放十道 百寶光明 

All the myriad lights shone ’round about, everywhere revealing secret trace vajra spirits, many as the sands of ten Ganges rivers. Each holding aloft a mountain and wielding a pestle, they pervaded the realm of empty space. 一一光明 皆徧示現 十恒河沙金剛密跡 擎山持杵 徧虛空界 

The great assembly gazed upward at once filled with fear and admiration. Seeking the Buddha’s kind protection, they single-mindedly listened. As, streaming light at the Buddha’s invisible crown the transformation Thus Come One proclaimed the spiritual mantra: 大眾仰觀 畏愛兼抱 求佛哀祐一心聽佛 無見頂相 放光如來 宣說神咒 

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