Great Compassion Mantra Verses

Great Compassion Mantra Verses

1.南无喝啰怛那哆啰夜耶   NA MWO HE LA DA NWO DWO LA YE YE
慈观悲观喜舍观   With a kind, compassionate regard, a regard full of joy and giving,
普度众生化大千   He rescues all beings, transforming great-thousand world systems.
有缘无缘同摄受   Gathering in those with and without prior affinities,
离苦得乐返本源   He helps the to end suffering, find joy, and return to the source. 

2. 南无阿唎耶   NA MO E LI YE
身口意轮大总持   Our body, mouth and mind form a wheel that is this mighty dharani.
万朵莲华正开时   As the many-petaled lotus blossom just begins to open,
白青红紫光遍照   White, green, red, and purple light shines on us all,
有缘佛子赴圣席   Disciples of the Buddha have affinities to join the sages’ celebrations.

3. 婆卢羯帝烁钵啰耶   PWO LU JYE DI SHAU BWO LA YE
持钵观音救世间   Holding a bowl, Contemplating Sounds saves us mortals.
应病与药润三千   Prescribing medicine to cure our ills, he nurtures the three thousand worlds.
拜礼虔诚护感召   Bowing in homage, we earnestly entreat him to answer our calls.
一切所求满心愿   In various ways he fulfills all our heart’s desires.

4. 菩提萨埵婆耶     PU TI SA TWO PE YE
觉诸有情种圣因   Enlightening sentient beings plants causes for sagehood.
道证无为契真心   When we reach the unconditioned Way, we tally with the true mind.
自他兼利功成就   As we benefit others and ourselves, our merit becomes perfected.
同入般若解脱门   Thus, together we enter the prajna doors to liberation.

5. 摩诃萨埵婆耶    MO HE SA TWO PE YE
绢索妙用不思议   The wonderful functions of the lariat reach beyond words and thought.
菩萨持此度群迷   Holding this, Bodhisattvas rescue those in confusion.
诵咒作观三摩地   Chanting this mantra while contemplating brings Samadhi.
即身成佛未足奇   To reach Buddhahood in this life is not impossible.

6. 摩诃迦卢尼迦耶   MWO HE JIA LU NI JIA YE
马鸣大士化娑婆   The Great Knight Horse Whinny transforms the Saha World.
拔苦与乐愈沈痾   Relieving suffering, bestowing bliss, he cures our illness.
起死回生施甘露   The dead come back to life when he gives them his sweet dew.
跋折罗手荡妖魔   The Vajra Hand is too hot for vampires and demons to handle.

7. 唵   NAN
无始无终无古今   Beginning less, endless, neither ancient nor modern.
虚空法界一口吞   Swallow the void and the Dharma Realm in a single gulp.
自性寂然非内外   Our own tranquil nature is not inside or outside.
如是如是如是因   So it is! So it is! The causes are just like this.

8. 萨皤啰罚曳     SA PAN LA FA YE
护世四王日夜忙   The Four Kings who protect our world patrol night and day.
赏善罚恶众魔降   Rewarding good and punishing evil, they tame all demons.
菩萨化现伏群怪   Bodhisattvas appear by transformation to quell hordes of monsters.
龙盘虎卧礼法皇   Dragons coil and tigers crouch before the Dharma Lord.

9. 数怛那怛写   SWO DAN NA DAN XIE
天兵天将猛无敌   The heavenly generals and troops exhibit matchless courage
天魔落胆不足奇   That regularly turns the celestial demons into trembling cowards.
改过迁善贫者富   By changing faults and becoming good, the poor can get rich.
得生极乐众苦离   Attaining rebirth in Ultimate Bliss, we separate from suffering.

10. 南无悉吉塛埵伊蒙阿唎耶    NA MWO SI JI LI TWO E MENG E LI YE
有威斯通难思议   Responses to requests are often amazing and hard to describe.
无求不应三昧力   Due to the strength of Samadhi, no prayer is left unanswered.
龙树尊者伏魔冤   The Venerable Dragon Tree calms the demons’ wrath.
行人莫患得菩提   Those who practice are free of disasters and attain Bodhi.

11. 婆卢吉帝室佛啰楞驮婆   PE LU JI DI SHIR FWO LA LENG TWO PE
圆满报身舍那佛   Nishyanda Buddha, the fine and perfect reward body,
护持行人自在多   Protects and supports those who practice with the greatest mastery and ease.
十方世界闻声度   Hearing their sounds, he saves beings of worlds in ten directions,
离垢出尘法摩诃   So they leave mundane defilements-such is the might of the Dharma!

12. 南无那啰谨墀   NA MWO NA LAI JING CHI
清净法身遮那佛   Clear, pure Dharma-body Vairochana Buddha
广度众生化娑婆   Rescues vast numbers of beings here in the Saha world.
成就金刚坚固体   Developing Vajra-like rock-solid tough physiques,
同登彼岸蜜波罗   We can climb up onto the other shore and reach paramita.

13. 酰唎摩诃皤哆沙咩   XI LI MWO HE PAN DWO SA MEI
慈能与乐悲拔苦   Kindness makes others happy, compassion alleviates suffering.
普化群生成佛祖   By teaching multitudes of beings, we can become Buddhas and Patriarchs.
羊头神王护行人   This sheep-headed spirit king protects those who practice,
虎狼恶兽皆无阻   Keeping at bay tigers, wolves, and other beasts.

14. 萨婆阿他豆输朋   SA PE HE TA DO SHU PENG
甘露灌顶获清凉   The sweet dew anointing our crowns makes us feel cool and refreshed.
普救群萌得安康   Saving countless beings who attain health and safety.
六道四生成利乐   Those born in four ways in the six paths attain benefits and bliss.
慈悲喜舍助法王   Kindness, compassion, joy, and giving aid the Dharma King.

15. 阿逝孕   E SHI YUN
夜叉天王披虎皮   This yaksha deva king is wrapped in a tiger hide.
赏善罚恶拯危急   In rewarding good and punishing evil, he is dangerous and swift.
巡行四方记功过   While patrolling in all four directions, he notes our merit and errors.
主持公道平等齐   Maintaining justice, he makes sure that we each get treated equally.

16. 萨婆萨哆那摩婆萨多那摩婆伽   SA PE SA DWO NA MWO PE SA DWO NA MWO PE CHYE
观音化现神王身   Contemplator of Sounds appears in the guise of a spirit king.
千手法宝妙难穷   In his thousand hands, these Dharma jewels are an endless wonder.
蛇髻黑面伏妖怪   A snake coiled around his crown and his black face tame monsters.
正法久住愿弘深   The Proper Dharma abides due to vows that are vast and deep.

17. 摩罚特豆   MWO FA TE DWO
善人欢喜恶人怖   This line makes good people happy and evil people afraid.
忧苦远离万病瘳   Those worried and in suffering become far removed from sickness.
佛眼观察遍法界   The Buddha Eye regards the entire Dharma Realm.
金轮摧灭一切魔   The golden wheel rolls over and destroys each and every demon.

18. 怛侄他   DA JI TA
出广长舌遍三千   A vast and long tongue fills the three thousand lands,
观音示现化男女   While Contemplating Sounds appears to teach women and men.
应供杀贼阿罗汉   All Arhats are worthy of offerings and killers of thieves,
自利利他觉行圆   And by benefiting self and others, enlightenment and practice are perfected.

19. 唵阿婆卢酰   NAN A PE LU XI
鬼神恭敬听梵音   Ghosts and spirits respectfully listen to these pure sounds.
三目洞悉众生心   Three eyes can see right into beings’ hearts.
一切求愿皆成就   Our vows will be fulfilled and all we seek will surely be attained.
万行同入般若门   The myriad practices all lead us to enter the doors to prajna.

20. 卢迦帝   LE JIA SA
大梵天王率神兵   The lord of the Brahama Heaven commands spirits troops.
十方菩萨同现身   Bodhisattva of the ten directions each display a body
度脱众生出苦海   To rescue and liberate beings so they leave the sea of suffering.
速登彼岸寂灭城   Swiftly ascending the other shore, we find the city of tranquility.

21. 迦罗帝   JIA LA DI
黑色帝神显威风   This black spirit ruler assumes an awesome air.
东西南北任纵横   North, south, east, and west-he can roam wherever he pleases.
发聋振聩慈悲主   Shocking the deaf, arousing the blind, this compassionate Lord
日夜不休救众生   Never rest day or night in his rescue of beings.

22. 夷酰唎  JI SYI LI
三十三天众神兵   Massive spirit troops in the Thirty-three Heavens
灵文密语令奉行   Revere and obey the commands of these secret efficacious phrases.
赏善罚恶护正教   Rewarding good and punishing evil, they protect the proper teaching.
世界咸安庆升平   Throughout the world, peace and equanimity reign supreme.

23. 摩诃菩提萨埵   MWO HE PU TI SA DWO
坚实真心求皆应   With a firm, true mind we will gain a respond to our seeking.
广大灵感无不通   No request, no matter how great, will go unanswered.
慈悲普度波罗蜜   Kindness and compassion brought to paramita rescues creatures.
降伏诸魔正法兴   When demons are subdued the Proper Dharma flourishes unhindered.

24. 萨婆萨婆   SA PE SA PE
香积菩萨大威神   Accumulated Fragrance Bodhisattva is an awesome and mighty spirit.
青黄赤白黑鬼兵   Ghosts of blue, yellow, red, white, and black hue
服劳执役听教化   Toil and slave, obeying the teaching and changing themselves.
感应道交救群生   When responses mesh the Way, all kinds of beings are saved.

25. 摩啰摩啰   MWO LA MWO LA
互相勉励互精进   Urge each other on and share your vigorous resolve.
同修善法续心印   Join together in practice to perpetuate the mind seal.
他日成就菩提果   Then when fruition of complete Bodhi enlightenment is yours,
龙华会上庆欢欣   You can rejoice among the Dharma Flower Assembly.

26. 摩酰摩酰唎驮孕   MWO SYI MWO SYI LI TUO YE
应机示现无量身   Responding to those who are ready, he appears in boundless bodies.
大小权实显威神   With awesome spirit, he reveals things great and small, provisional and real.
金刚不坏常自在   This vajra indestructible body is forever free at ease.
天眼遥观天耳闻   As his heavenly eye contemplates, his heavenly ear listens.

27. 俱卢俱卢羯蒙   JYU LU JYU LU JIE MENG
空身空心空世界   My body and mind are empty, the world is empty too.
天大将军领天兵   A mighty celestial general leads his celestial troops.
巡游诸方察善恶   Patrolling in many lands, they investigate good and evil as they roam,
功赏过罚无错分   Rewarding merit, punishing transgressions precisely with no mistake.

28. 度卢度卢罚阇耶帝   DU LU DU LU FA SHE YE DI
蛮兵勇猛战无敌   This ruthless army exhibits its matchless courage in battle.
孔雀雄威镇群魑   This fierce, heroic peacock shocks the mountain sprites.
菩萨号令巡天下   Bodhisattvas issue commands as they patrol the entire universe.
护善除恶度众迷   Protecting the good, dispelling evil, and clearing up confusions.

29. 摩诃罚阇耶帝   MWO HE FA SHA YE DI
大苦大乐大慈悲   Wherever there is great pain or great joy, there will be great compassion.
修诸善法力无畏   Cultivate wholesome Dharmas with a strength that knows no fear.
宝杵降魔护行者   The jeweled pestle quells demons and protects practitioners
三灾八难一时摧   While also warding off the three disasters and eight difficulties.

30. 陀啰陀啰   TWO LA TWO LA
现大丈夫身奇特   Appearing as a most unusual rare and mighty hero,
法相庄严离诸过   His adorned classic features are free of any flaws.
以德感人心诚服   Using virtue to move people, his mind remains humble and sincere.
望之俨然即温和   He is stern in appearance, yet gentle in nature.

31. 地唎尼   DI LI NI
师子王兵验诵读   Troops led by a lion king verify our chants and incantations,
千遍万遍无量数   That number from thousands to ten of thousands to infinite times.
多多益善功圆满   Amassing goodness through beneficial deeds, our merit is made full
成就菩萨胜果殊   And we achieve Bodhisattvahood, reaching levels of supreme fruition.

32. 室佛啰耶   SHI FWO LA YE
降伏诸魔正法兴   Quelling all demons so the Proper Dharma can flourish forever,
霹雳闪电鬼神惊   A jagged bolt of lightning terrifies ghosts and spirits.
宇宙澄清妖氛息   The universe clears and is pure as vampires’ auras subside.
慧日高照庆和平   With the wisdom sun shining on high we rejoice in peace.

33. 遮啰遮啰   JE LA JE LA
怒目扬眉摄邪魔    Such fierce glaring scowls cause the deviant demons to cringe!
威德无边护诸佛   Such boundless awesome virtue protects every Buddha!
一切众生得安乐   Beings one and all attain both peace and happiness.
菩萨事毕笑哈哈   When Bodhisattvas’ deeds are done they laugh, “Ho! Ho!”

34. 么么罚摩啰   MWO MWO FA MWO LA
折服魔外现神威   Repressing cults and demons with displays of awesome spirit,
大慈救世法王魁   His great compassion saves the world; he is a King of Dharma.
平等普济波罗蜜   With magnanimous equality he rescues us, expansively perfecting paramitas.
有缘众生获揭谛   Beings with and without affinities attain gate.

35. 穆帝隶   MU DI LI
闭目澄心诵真言   When not a single thought arises, the esoteric is penetrated.
一念不生妙通玄   With the aid of Samadhi, the brilliant light of wisdom is revealed.
三昧加持智光现   Buddhas all laud praise good men and good women who
诸佛称赞善女男   Close their eyes, clear their minds, and chant these true words.

36. 伊酰伊酰   YI XI YI XI
摩酰首罗猛又凶   The mighty god Maheshvara is bold, yet often cruel.
赏善罚恶建奇功   Rewarding good and punishing evil, his merit is outstanding.
普度群迷登彼岸   He enables the masses sunk in confusion to climb upon the far shore.
化利有情无始终   There is no beginning or end to the creatures he benefits and transforms.

37. 室那室那   SHI NWO SHI NWO
示善示恶摄众生    Appearing to be good, appearing to be evil, he gathers in all beings.
忽顺忽逆折性灵   Now complying, now defying, he subdues our natures.
返本还原修诸己   Returning to the source involves curing our own faults.
摩诃般若日夜明   That way, our maha prajna wisdom gets brighter by day and by night.

38. 阿啰嘇佛啰舍利   A LA SHEN FWO LA SHE LI
四十二手妙无穷   The Forty-two Hands are wonderful beyond scope or measure.
通天达地感迷蒙   Penetrating heaven and earth, they aid and assist the confused.
牌弩弓箭威神速   Swift is their prowess with shields, bows, and arrows.
强者调伏弱者兴   Bullies are tamed and the gentle get a chance to thrive.

39. 罚娑罚嘇   FA SHA FA SHEN
威猛慈悲大丈夫    How majestic and courageous, yet kind and compassionate is this great general
调服众生出迷途   Who subdues and tames us beings so we can leave the paths of confusion.
改恶从善修诸度   We should change what’s bad, follow what’s good, and perfect our practice
培植福慧悟真如   By developing blessings and wisdom and awakening to True Suchness.

40. 佛啰舍耶    FWO LA SHE YE
观音师主阿弥陀    Contemplating Sounds’ teacher is the Host, Amitabha Buddha,
四十八愿化娑婆   Whose forty-eight vows transform the Saha world.
三辈九品生极乐   Ultimate Bliss is reached through nine kinds of rebirth on three levels.
水流风动衍摩诃   The Mahayana is expressed in the flowing water and blowing wind.

41. 呼卢呼卢摩啰   HU LU HU LU MWO LA
观音示现鬼神王   Contemplating Sounds appears as a king of ghosts and spirits.
降伏诸魔守规章   Who forces the demons to submit and follow the rules and regulations.
一切众生依教诲   Each and every being relies on the teaching and instructions.
强者调柔弱者昌   The strong are pacified, and the weak are able to flourish.

42. 呼卢呼卢酰利   HU LU HU LU SYI LI
四臂尊天现神威   This four-armed deity reveals and awesome spirit.
一切邪魔望风回   When the deviant demons observe that impressive magnificent air,
归依三宝观自在   They take refuge with the Triple Jewel and start contemplating self-mastery.
积功累行善德培   Amassing merit and practicing good, they foster their virtue.

43. 娑啰娑啰   SWO LA SWO LA
善巧方便度娑婆   Wholesome and clever expedients save those in the Saha world.
示现五浊化群魔   A display of five turbidities transforms hordes of demons.
常行无我波罗蜜   Constant selfless practice will bring paramita.
离诸法执衍摩诃   Renouncing attachment to dharmas as well is the Mahayana.

44. 悉唎悉唎   SYI LI SYI LI
能观之智所观境   The wisdom that contemplates and the states that are contemplated
圆融自在真如性   Are perfectly fused and at ease in the Nature of True Suchness.
无边誓愿利众生   Boundless resolve and vows benefit all living beings.
不可思议常在定   How inconceivable to be able to always reside in deep Samadhi!

45. 苏嚧苏嚧   SU LU SU LU
万物说法有谁听   When the many creatures speak the Dharma, who listens?
世界众生妄想凝   Worldly beings are formed by solidifying of false thoughts.
诸佛本源离文字  The original source of the Buddhas is beyond the spoken and written word.
如是我闻大悲功  Thus I have heard” is the function of great compassion.

46. 菩提夜菩提夜  PU TI YE PU TI YE
慈悲喜舍四无量   Using kindness, compassion, joy, and giving, the four infinite minds,
示现善相化群萌   She reveals wholesome aspects to transform the untaught masses.
摄受众生登彼岸   Gathering in beings, she helps them ascend to the other shore.
回光返照归故乡   Returning her light she shines it within and goes back home.

47. 菩驮夜菩驮夜   PU TWO YE PU TWO YE
观音示现丑恶形   Contemplating Sounds may show up in an ugly evil shape
折服强暴改心灵  To restrain these stubborn and violent ones until they change their minds.
同证无生般若智  When prajna wisdom is revealed, everyone certifies to nonproduction
还入娑婆度有情  And enters again the Saha world to rescue sentient ones.

48. 弥帝利夜   MI DI LI YE
慈悲示现化恶人   Kindly displaying a compassionate air, he transforms evil people,
得大安稳梦神清   Who feel so secure that even in dreams their spirit is clear.
更获福报无有尽   The reward of blessings they attain is infinite and boundless as well.
菩提般若自行深   Bodhi prajna arises from our own profound practice.

49. 那啰谨墀   NWO LA JIN CHI
观音示现龙树尊   Contemplating Sounds shows up as Venerable Dragon Tree,
普摄群机离火坑   Who, gathering those who are ready, helps them leave the fiery pit.
返本还原成正觉   Finding our way to the source is realizing proper enlightenment.
微尘剖出法界经   The Sutra of Dharma Realm is unveiled from within a mote of dust.

50. 地利瑟尼那   DI LI SHAI NI NWO
项挂人头念灵文   Wearing a necklace of human skulls, he chants this mantra.
手执铁矛日夜巡   Wielding an iron spear, he makes his rounds day and night.
唤醒众生行诸善   He awakens beings to do every kind of good deed
苦海无边莫沈沦   And not to fall into boundless sea of suffering.

51. 婆夜摩那   PE YE MWO MWO
跋折啰杵镇群魔   The vajra pestle challenges the massive hordes of demons.
莲华数珠念佛陀   Using lotus blossom recitations beads is mindful of Amitabha Buddha.
雷声惊醒痴迷者   The thundering sound startles awake the dull and confused.
梦觉原来一字多   Coming out of the dream, we find even one word too much.

52. 娑婆诃   SWO PE HE
息灾增福妙吉祥   Wondrous auspiciousness dispels disasters and increases blessings.
佛法僧宝放毫光   The Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha Jewels emit brilliant light.
观行一心无相礼   Single-mindedly reflect and practice bowing that transcends appearances.
是大菩提化万方   Great Bodhi is what teaches and transforms beings everywhere.

53. 悉陀夜   XI TWO YE
美妙相好庄严身   How exquisite are his hallmarks and supremely subtle physical aspects!
通达一切诸法门   How thoroughly he fathomed and entered every Dharma door!
普度有缘生极乐   He saves those with affinities, assuring them rebirth in Ultimate Bliss.
常寂光土真又真  The Land of Stillness and Light is the truth within the true.

54. 娑婆诃   SWO PE HE
恒河沙数诸菩萨   Bodhisattvas many as grains of sand in the Ganges River,
耸立鳌头笑哈哈   Poised atop a sea tortoise, chuckle, “Ho! Ho!”
法海汪洋无不度   The abundant ocean of Dharma rescues absolutely everyone.
众生与我离自他   All beings and I leave self and others behind.

55. 摩诃悉陀夜   MWO HE XI TWO YE
放大光明照世间   When the massive bright light he emits shines on the whole world,
胎卵湿化离倒悬   Those born from wombs, eggs, transformations, or moisture no longer hang upside down.
九界众生成正觉   Beings in the nine realms achieve Proper Enlightenment.
常乐我净品自高   How lofty Eternity, Bliss, True Self, and Purity are!

56. 娑婆诃   SWO PE HE
神通变化属第一    He is foremost in spiritual powers, as well as transformations and changes.
金锡杖救世间稀   Truly rare is his golden staff which saves those in the world.
地狱众生蒙恩受   Beings in the hells all receive this rare kindness, and
离诸障难发菩提   Are freed of obstacles and difficulties, resolving their mind on Bodhi.

57. 悉陀喻艺   HSI TWO YU YI
随类化现度诸天   According with their kinds, he appears as various gods to rescue them.
同事利行接有缘   By joining in their work, doing good deeds, he attracts those with conditions.
舍己为人真无我   Ignoring himself for the sake of others, he is truly selfless.
誓愿众生成圣贤   He vows that all beings will become worthy sages

58. 室皤啰耶   SHI PAN LA YE
菩萨示现天女身   This time around the Bodhisattva appears as a goddess,
因机逗教指迷津   Bestowing the teaching for those who are ready and guiding the confused.
循循善诱诲不倦   With gradual, gentle, and wholesome enticements, she instructs tirelessly.
慈悲平等摄群生   Her kindness and compassion are fair and equal in gathering in beings.

59. 娑婆诃   SWO PE HE
消灾免难除病魔   Dispelling disasters and difficulties, purging demons of sickness-
宝钵妙用不可说   The wonderful functions of the Jeweled Bowl are quite inexpressible.
遂心满愿施无畏   Fulfilling every wish we have, he bestows fearlessness.
揭谛揭谛娑婆诃   Gate, gate, swo pe he

60. 那啰谨墀   NWO LA JIN CHI
微尘相海无量身   With manifestation as many as a sea of dust motes, he appears in infinite bodies.
六度万行勤耕耘   He diligently plows the field of the six perfections and myriad practices.
回小向大菩提果   Turning from the Small and embracing the Great is the Bodhi fruit.
自度化他般若心   Saving ourselves and teaching others is the prajna mind

61. 娑婆诃   SWO PE HE
种因结果植善根   Planting causes and reaping effects, one nurtures good roots.
了生脱死要自勤   Ending birth and casting off death must be done by ourselves.
勇猛精进波罗蜜   Work with courageous vigor to perfect the paramitas.
摩诃觉道妙行深   The practice of Maha Enlightened Way is remarkably deep.

62. 摩啰那啰   MWO LA NA LA
宝印手眼大菩萨   The Jeweled Seal Hand and Eye of this great Bodhisattva
金斧劈破无明家   And the golden ax shatter the root of ignorance.
一切有情烦恼断   All afflictions of sentient beings are completely cut off.
从地涌出宝莲华  A delicate lotus wells forth from the ground.

63. 娑婆诃   SWO PE HE
游戏神通化三千   He roams at ease, and his spiritual powers transform the universe.
芒鞋踏浪法无边   Clad in straw sandals, he strides atop the waves. How boundless his Dharma!
发海潮音惊迷梦   His sound, like the ocean’s roar, awakens us from dreams and confusion.
懦夫立志贪者廉   Cowards muster their will; the greedy become incorruptible.

64. 悉啰僧阿穆佉耶   SYI LU SENG A MU CHYE DI
化现药王大菩萨   Transforming and appearing as the Great Bodhisattva Medicine King,
除瘟灭疫救恒沙   He expels disease and eradicates plagues, saving millions.
普令有情离疾苦   Enabling beings to escape pestilence and leave suffering,
甘露遍洒含识芽   His sweet dew is sprinkled on the sprouts of those with feeling and awareness.

65. 娑婆诃   SWO PE HE
观行起修礼法王   Through contemplative practice cultivation arises: homage to the Buddhas.
福慧庄严妙道场   Blessings and wisdom make our Way-place adorned and magnificent.
若能证得深般若   If we can certify to deep profound prajna then certainly,
度诸苦厄悟真常   We can cross beyond all suffering, awakening to the eternal truth.

66. 娑婆摩诃阿悉陀娑   SWO PE MWO HE A SYI TWO YE
恒顺众生教娑婆   Always complying with beings, he teaches those in the Saha land,
五浊恶世化群魔   And the evil world of five turbidities, transforming demons.
沙里淘金求贤渴   Panning for gold in the sand, he searches ardently for sages,
水中捞月不疲辍   Never wearying of trying to catch the moon in the water

67. 娑婆诃   SWO PE HE
无字真经挂身边    With the wordless true Sutra hanging ever by his side,
智如大海定如山   His wisdom matches the ocean; his Samadhi, a lofty mountain.
戒德圆明光遍照   When precepts and virtue are perfected, clear light shines everywhere.
普摄群机度有缘   Gathering beings in when they’re ready, he saves those with affinities

68. 者吉啰阿悉陀夜   ZHE JI LA A SYI TWO YE
色身三昧现三千    His physical body in Samadhi, he appears throughout the universe.
见相闻名脱无间    Seeing his form, hearing his name, frees us from the hells.
了生大法登彼岸   Fathoming life’s one great matter, we have made it across.
咸蒙摄受觉王前   Thus all of us are personally gathered in by the Enlightened King.

69. 娑婆诃   SWO PE HE
修道行者莫自欺   Cultivators of the Way, do not cheat yourselves.
掩耳盗铃甚不宜   It won’t work to plug your ears while stealing a bell.
开花难结真实果   Barren blossoms cannot bear real fruit.
光阴空过太可惜   What a shame to leave precious time pass by vain!

70. 波陀摩羯悉陀夜   BWO TWO MWO JYE SYI TWO YE
菩萨无事找工作   Having nothing to do, Bodhisattvas go looking for some work.
坐宝莲华放光明   As they sit on exquisite lotuses, their brilliant light radiates.
授诸众生大觉记   Bestowing predictions of full enlightenment on all beings,
圆满涅盘证无余   They perfect Nirvana that is certified to be without residue.

71. 娑婆诃   SWO PE HE
天女散花供行人   Heavenly goddesses scatter flowers as offering to practioners.
严持戒律妙通神   Our precepts and Vinaya held strictly, our spiritual powers superb—
更能回光观自在   If we can then turn our light around and contemplate with ease,
不久当契大觉尊   Before long we will tally with the Great Awakening of Honored Ones.

72. 那啰谨墀皤伽啰耶   NWO LA JIN CHI PAN CHYE LA YE
小中现大无碍身   His body unhindered, the great appears within the small.
东西南北任纵横   His scope pervades north, south, east, west.
三千世界唯一念   The three-thousand system of worlds is but a single thought.
你我他心不可分   In no way can you, I, and others be separate from the mind.

73. 娑婆诃   SWO PE HE
礼拜供养要虔诚   When bowing and making offerings be earnest and sincere.
香花灯果日日新   Incense, flowers, lamps and fruit should be fresh daily.
真心修行离诸相   Cultivation using the true mind is apart from any marks.
三轮体空出迷津   Making the three aspects of giving empty, we leave confusion.

74. 摩婆利胜羯啰夜   MWO PE LI SHENG JIE LA YE
千手千眼大慈悲   A thousand hands, a thousand eye as well as great compassion
普化三界度众回   Change the whole world and bring us back across.
诸天魔王皆授首   Kings among the heavenly demons accept this teaching.
改恶向善速来归   Turn from evil, become good, and so quickly return.

75. 娑婆诃   SWO PE HE
礼而未礼修无修   Bowing without having bowed; practice with no concept of practice.
空泯所空有何求   Realizing even emptiness is empty, what is there to seek?
看破放下真自在   Seeing through it all and putting it down is true freedom.
逍遥法界任悠游   Roaming throughout the Dharma Realm we can do as we please

76. 南无喝啰怛那哆啰夜耶   NA MWO HE LA DA NWO DWO LA YE YE
真空为体幻色用   With True Emptiness as his substance and illusory form as his function,
观察世间救诸病   He contemplates those in the world and saves them from sickness.
随机感应难思议   The responses that happen are timely and hard to imagine.
我等盲痴当皈命   We blind and dull ones should certainly take refuge.

77. 南无阿利耶   NA MWO E LI YE
化身普贤徧三千   Transforming and appearing as Universal Worthy who pervades all worlds.
跏趺座上法无边   He is seated in full lotus and ready with boundless Dharmas.
百宝轮掌破地狱   His hundred-jeweled, wheeled palm smashes the hells.
阿弥陀佛住西天   Amitabha Buddha is the Venerable Host of the Western Paradise.

78. 婆嚧吉帝   PWO LU JIE DI
法王长子文殊尊   The eldest disciple of the Dharma King is the Venerable Manjushri.
慈心教化娑婆民   Kindhearted, he transforms and teaches inhabitants of the Saha world.
同愿证得无量智   With identical vows, they certify to infinite wisdom.
常寂光土万佛村   The Land of Stillness and Light is the village of ten thousand Buddhas.

79. 烁皤啰夜   SHAO PA LA YE
老曰五色使目盲   Laozi said, “Five colors blind the eyes.”
观音解眼悟真常   Contemplating Sounds freed his eyes and awakened to the Truth.
金叶宝莲毫光照   Upon a golden lotus he radiates rays of light.
本来面孔非爷娘   Our original face does not come from our worldly family or ancestors.

80. 娑婆诃   SWO PE HE
丝竹土革木石金   Silk and earth, bamboo and hide, wood, stone and metal,
八音齐奏日日新   Make eight notes that combine into endless scores of music.
解了耳根闻自性   Freeing his ear organ, he heard his own nature.
天乐鸣空不动心   Even heavenly melodies wafting through space will not move his mind.

81. 唵悉殿都   NAN SYI DIAN DU
受持读诵妙灵文   Receiving, upholding, reading, and reciting these miraculous phrases,
加被护念各行人   Bestowing blessings is mindful and protective of everyone who practices.
三千世界皆示现   Appearing in each world if the three thousand system,
观音鼻根解味尘   Contemplating Sounds’ nose freed itself of defiling smells.

82. 漫多啰   MAN DWO LA
持咒诵经专一心   Hold mantras and recite Sutras with a single mind.
感应道交土变金   When responses mesh with the Way, dirt can turn into gold.
菩萨慈悲水现月   Bodhisattvas’ compassion: like the moon shimmering in water;
众生觉悟离味根   Living beings’ awakening: freedom from the tongue and flavors.

83. 跋陀耶    BA TWO YE
法界虚空天外天   This is a place beyond any place in space and the Dharma Realm,
微尘剎海尽包含   That contains seas of lands in number like motes of dust.
有缘无缘同化度   Those with and without affinities will all be taught and saved.
信受奉行即圣贤   Those who believe, accept, honor, and practice are saints and sages.

84. 娑婆诃   SWO PE HE
名曰大悲陀罗尼    This, then, is called the Great Compassion Dharani,
四十二手世间稀    And, with the Forty-two Hands, is extremely rare in the world.
善根广积方能遇   Only those with massive good roots encounter these.
不修此法太可惜   What a shame it will be if we fail to cultivate this Dharma!