Ode to the Heavenly Gates

The mortal world is turbulent
and the road is endlessly long;
in it, one’s inner eye is bemuddled
by all the desires to reach outside.
Wandering in this vast and boundless bitter sea,
one is led by the mighty force of karma helplessly.

From the paradise to heaven beyond heaven,
all heavenly gates are widely opened
to receive beings with good affinity.

All over the world,
the Dharma boat is sailing,
while sentient beings with no affinity
do not know to go on board.
Eagerly, I urge all kind beings,
to set all desires aside and wait by the wharf;
we will embark and return to the pure homeland together
when the boarding time is here.
09-29-2008  09:36 

Ode to the Mind Purification Vihara


In the void,

dwells the Mind Purification Vihara

crowned with rays of splendour

and nourished by the sun and the moon.

In it,

live many Boddhas and Bodhisattvas

and countless semi-Gods and semi-Devils of eight divisions.

The sounds of dharma drum

shake both the heaven and the earth

and awaken all sentient beings

from their wishful dreams.

Everything is impermanent

and turns to emptiness in a blink;

Be egoless and unconditioned

and keep the mind unmoved.

Cut off all evils and cultivate all goodness;

with Buddha’s light illuminating

the mind is being gradually purified.

After the self nature is activated,

one should guide all beings;

the merits and fruit will be achieved

once all beings with affinity

are liberated

from this mundane world.

09-30-2008   15:07

True Wisdom


It is cool and refreshing

after the autumn rain and wind;

at the sight of one red leaf

the heart sends out fragrance spontaneously.

With an often guilty mind,

One should be egoless and pursue nothing;

Only an unconstrained and free mind

is the True Wisdom.


The Superior One


Like the cyan cloud

soaring to the highest heaven,

one should never look back

when stepping forward.

With a mind free from any preoccupations,

one should cultivate diligently;

only the lotus born in the raging fire

is the Superior One.