1.To accomplish an auspicious universe.

2.To accomplish a balanced universe.

3.To accomplish a perfect universe.

4.To help all living beings to achieve a perfect ascension to higher dimensions.

5.To help all living beings to attain a perfect return to the original source.

6.To help all living beings to reach a perfect accordance with the cosmic laws.

7.To assist every living being; never to abandon a single one.

8.To dedicate myself to Great Salvation, Great Cultivation, and Great Returning.

9.To be a practitioner forever and to practice by following the Way, complying with the cosmic laws, the natural rules and the science; to demonstrate all kinds of wonderful Dharmas; to bring bliss to all under Heaven and to rescue all beings.

10.To advise and enlighten the living beings of The Ten Directions and present myself anywhere according to different circumstances in a nameless way without beginning or end. Never to be confined to any religion, denomination, or any specific group. And manage to harmoniously integrate and to smoothly accommodate without duality or differentiation. I will always compassionately devote and give light and love to everyone and everything…

These are the ten great vows of Master, which have been witnessed by Heaven and Human and made clearly known to Buddhas and Sages. I, will practice and implement them with dedication every day and will work diligently at every moment.May the Buddhas support and protect me. May Heaven and Earth testify the fulfillment of my vows.

June 19, 2011 07:24:45